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Welcome to my homepage! A little place on the web I can go full-nerd. This is not a blog, we're going old-school here.

I'm a hobbiest game developer, sharing my game(s) and some of the inspiration behind them. Hopefully this will weave together threads of interest well suited to sharing on the web: retro gaming (especially PS1 and PC era), fantasy and sci-fi (e.g. D&D, Star Trek, X-Files) and a bit of Japanese pop-culture. In other words, I'm a millennial (or Gen Y, as we used to be called) nerd, bitten by a nostalgia bug.

My homepage is not an attempt to document all of my interests or everything I do. I'm engaged in many things: being a dad and husband, hobbies (gardening, art, music, reading, and being outside), work, and trying to leave Earth a better place than I found it (not going well). But beyond this little statement, I don't really plan to talk about those things here.


Nostalgic sandbox/strategy games that respect your time.

Super RPG Town

I'm working on a playable demo of the core game loop, so will share more when that's ready. Inspired by the gameplay of Majesty and Dragon Quest Builders, the visual style of old 2D tile-based RPGs such as Ultima V, the spirit of countless Dungeons & Dragons adventures, and a feeling I still remember from the first time I logged into an MMORPG (Dransik), created a character and set forwarth into a wide open world.

Other content


Some links you might like, if you like things I also like.

Dave Bull (YouTube channel)
Dave is a Japanese woodblock printmaker with boundless enthusiasm for the artform. He's Internet-famous for his Ukiyo-e Heroes collab with Jed Henry, though I am pretty sure YouTube recommended him to me as unintentional ASMR.
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazine scans
EGM was a popular console game magazine my older brother and I read at high school in the late '90s. Scans of every issue are available! Go back to a time before mobile phones, revisit the emergence of the web, enjoy fan art sent in the mail, but most of all, relive the glory of PSX, N64, and the unexpectedly long run of the GameBoy thanks to a small game from Japan called Pocket Monster (also Sega consoles, *sniff*). After looking at these digital scans, I started collecting old EGM issues from the 1997-2000 era.
Metal Jesus Rocks (YouTube channel)
Everybody's favourite long-haired, metal loving, retro-game collector (and pals).
My GitHub profile
Odds and ends (and bits and bytes).
Wil Wheaton's TableTop (YouTube playlist)
I like Wil Wheaton. I like table top games.

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