My favourite retro games

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This page is a list of my favourite retro games, most of which still hold up well and are fun to play today (circa 2023) despite being over 20 or even 30 years old.

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MS-DOS, Commodore Amiga, 486, and/or Pentium PC

Sega Mega Drive (aka Sega Genesis)

Sony PSX

The original PlayStation was not my first console, but definitely was and still is my favourite. I cannot overstate my love of the reverb-laden boot sound. If you are running a PSX emulator, you might notice without an official bios the game will run without showing the proper boot screen when it starts. Be sure to fix that. Actually, I will provide some tips and useful links on emulating PSX in future.

Sony also made this great 'I am the wolfman' TV advert for the PlayStation. I remember it as an advert for PS1, but looking now it was actually PS2. Here's the full short-film the advert came from: Wolfman, by Tim Hope. There are other gems too--I do recommend Mountain.

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